Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The White Stuff

Snow, even a scattering is not a welcome sight in Georgia...or any other part of the South. We have 1" of snow on the porch rail at present.

Why do we need anymore? That much snow will put a little nitrogen on the fields, satisfy the aesthetics of White Christmas, get the kids out of school for a day and  sell a lot of bottled water, milk, bread and high price propane.

I'd much rather have a snifter of  the real white stuff...made from corn, preaches, or apple and sit  in front of the window watching the birds, the wood stove cracking in the background, and know tomorrow the snow will be gone.

It'll be in the 60's for the weekend.

PLEASE, don't take this as an invitation to bring kith, kin, dogs, cats, and leave the Bright Frozen North. I'm sure it has it's magnetism, or you wouldn't be there. I know you really would not like it here in the summer...I don't either, but I take it over snow.

As a footnote, I did see a brand new Georgia DOT  truck with a new snow plow hooked on the front and a salt spreader on the back... still with not a scratch on the blade.

Reminds me of the following story:

A feller asks an old WV codger how you know when far enough South is far enough to escape snow. The old man thought a minute and gave the following advice.

"Get yoself a big four wheel drive truck with a big 4 way Meyers snow plow on the front. When somebody asks you what the hell that big yeller thing is on the front of your truck...that's where you spend the winter."

Pretty good advice, that's why I'm back here, and not in West Virginia...no offense intended, guys.

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