Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Late Great Unpleasantness

I think we humans have a recessive gene that no one has yet studied.  I call it the Hibernation Gene. Far as I can figure it's triggered by cold and snow. It manifests itself in an uncanny feeling that something is going to happen, and one goes into a feeding frenzy...sorta' like birds before a storm, When the weather event starts, we get lethargic, and begin to go into sleep mode.

The sleep mode, if feel, is to avoid Cabin Fever. This pretty much confirms human kind was not a descendant of monkeys, lemurs, or gorillas. I have a feeling that humans are more akin to of groundhogs, bears and others prone to hibernate in hard weather.

"Snowbirds" are simply humans that have no body fat, a fear of close spaces, an aversion to cold, and Sunlight Deprivation Syndrome. They flee south at the first hint of winter. Can't blame 'em. The only reason anyone would stay to face such travesty is they are trapped by economic pressure, In other words; they have jobs up there.

We accrued 4 inches of snow here in Danielsville, Ga. Nobody I know really cared. They closed everything. We all stayed home, ate, slept and hoped the snow and sleet wouldn't turn to freezing rain. That would mean no power for days. It was the perfect storm. Snow on Tues and Wed. and 43 degrees on Thursdays, and 53 on Friday. Snow? What snow?

The local kids did get creative in their play...I saw a small aluminum john boat loaded with kids and parents being pulled down the road with a 4 wheeler. Going to borrow a cup of sugar?

 How the hell did I stand the WV for all those years? Cabin Fever was a way of life on the mountain. I guess I did begin to learn the mandolin one of those miserable WV winters.

 I damn sure learned to fix frozen pipes, a worthwhile skill, I suppose. I did learn to protect them, eventually. A far more worthwhile skill.

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