Saturday, March 15, 2014

Distinctive Extinction? I Hope Not...

I listen to NPR. Yes, I am aware that in a Red State, this may lead to sanctions. I find it's the only reasonable thing to do,  I have no TV. The only "variety pack" entertainment I get is NPR. Baseball Seasons starts in a us an option.

All that said, the reason for this post is to substantiated a rumor I heard about a year or two ago about Bananas. Bananas, as we know them on our grocers shelves, are endangered.Your breakfast cereal may have one less condiment, or at least, an inexpensive one.

This weeks' story on NPR reported that Chiquita Banana is teaming up with some other Banana Giant to gain a monopoly on the  banana trade. What's going on? Last I heard the Cavendish Banana, our Banana Republic mono cropped workhorse, is falling prey to a soil borne disease, threatening it's existence, and our enjoyment.

Apparently, banana growers have put most all the eggs in one basket, (DUH) taking the bio diversity out of the banana ecosystem in favor of one species, the Cavendish. All but a few bananas with any commercial value were eliminated by the Panama Disease in the 1950's. Apparently the Banana Republics in Central America were spared the devastation of the soil borne plague that wiped out a previous commercial variety. The Cavendish is now being attacked by a new, more virulent strain of the soil borne disease called Panama 4, that has morphed into a world wide problem for our favorite fruit.

Tell me it ain't so! No more bananas on my cereal? No more of Janice's made from scratch Banana Pudding. What is the baby food market gonna' do with out banana to mix with everything from carrots to plums. Are my progeny going to be deprived of the taste of a banana.

I can safely say that if Bananas go the way of the Passenger Pigeon, it will be one of the first "extinctions" that will be felt by most of the civilized, and uncivilized world. No doubt the Dodo Bird or the Carrier Pigeon and other plants and animals driven into oblivion by an unknowing, largely uncaring, humanity; will have some solace in the collective gnashing of humanity's teeth, following the demise of the banana. Folks ain't gonna' stand for the demise of the Banana. Riots will ensue, Deities will be called upon to intervene, a black market will spring up. The last banana will show up in the Smithsonian, frozen, well lit, on display beside the Carrier Pigeon.

Thankfully there may be options. It seems there are over 1000 species of Bananas in the world. Maybe some one of them will raise there hand to save Corn Flakes (remember them?) and Vanilla Wafers from extinction. Maybe Chiquita, and whoever they are partnering with, will go the way of the Cavendish into oblivion, allowing some semblance of diversity to ensue.. Adios, Banana Politicos...Viva la Banana!

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