Friday, March 28, 2014

I Don't know About You...

I don't know about you , but everything in nature seems to know about spring but us humans. I'm not alone in my observations.  I've heard other old farts like myself who have time to notice such, bitching about the cool. cold, and colder it's been of late. March is a fickle thing.

I'm still in winter mode, going to the wood pile to get a few pieces of what's left of a depleted wood pile for a little fire every evening.  I wake up mornings and look out the window to see no leaves on the ground or the trees, gusty winds have even cleaned the Beech trees that hold their leaves till June, it seems. Yep there is still a decided chill in the air. Gives me an uncommon urge to bolt to Florida or somewhere I can feel some heat in my bones. 

Old age? Yeah, maybe, but I really think spring has forsaken we humans this year. Me and the cat found a sunny place at the kiln shed yesterday morning, and took us a little cat nap...felt great to warm up and shed a layer of clothes. Ole cat's shedding, too.

 I'm guessing the sidereal part of nature has but the Great Mandela in motion. The length of the days have the trees blooming, birds building nest, and the Lamb's Quarters inching out of the ground. No asparagus yet. The last frost in Georgia should be about April 9 to 15, but that seems a year away. 

Freddy Goodheart was complaining about how cold it was in Florida this year. He says the word at the Vegetable Dept in the Publix Supemarket is the Chinese earth quake a few years ago knocked the world off it's axis by three degrees, and Florida's weather is ruint forever. I argued the consequences would be worse than what we're experiencing were that to happen. It's Spring somewhere, as the fabled North West Passage all those explorers searched and died for is a reality now, much to the chagrin of the Polar Bear.

This spring reminds me of a post card my daughter, Jessie, sent from Montana. It shows a bunch of people in mukluks, snow parkas and snow shoes standing in front of an old lodge adorned with Moose and Elk horns that probably died form exposure.. The caption reads. "Meeting of Montanans for Global Warming.". I feel their pain. 

I know, I know I'll be bitching about the heat, and no rain in a month or so...but I do like my SPRING...not an extension of winter that transitions into summer in one day!

Don't worry cousin Sandy, Lake Erie will thaw to give ya'll a couple weeks of poor sledding by July or August. Cold must be endorphine producer, or no one in their right mind would live in Erie, Pa.  Thank God W R Shields took a job in Athens, Ga. all those years ago.

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  1. There's a forgotten country song whose lyric goes, in part..."The sun always shines in Montana, it has's froze to the sky..." <bb