Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I've Been Warned, but in my Defense...

My cousin in Erie, Pa has scolded me for the last line in my most recent post. She allows that I should not live the life of the man who was "too stubborn and mean" to die young.

I will accept that chiding, knowing full well that the following adjectives often preface the names of older male members of our communities: Crotchety, Stubborn, Old Goat, Senile, Mean turned, Hateful, Ornery, Confounding, and more I'm sure you can add. I am sure that in the eyes of some beholder or another, I could answer to a few of these myself. I've been called a few of these, and some unfit for delicate ears.

I can safely say that I have dealt with most of the above descriptive adjectives dealing with older peers at the hardware store. Over the years I dealt with various administrators, bosses, foreman who were "uncivil". I handled it by  walking away; you know; quitting while I was ahead. My philosophy?  I was looking for a job when I found that one. Groceries might be plain for a while, but at least I didn't have to put up with that BS any more.

 At the hardware, we all knew 'em when they drove into the parking lot. The clerks, my compatriots, would abandon ship like rats from a sinking ship at the sight of a particular pickup moving into the parking lot. If you were too slow, it was your turn in the barrel. The up side was if they had a problem you couldn't help them with, the intercom was you best friend.

The Laws of the Universe for hardware clerks:  Article 15, subtitle b.

"One is allowed to decline service to anyone you deem to be in a  worse mood than your own. It is in bad taste to treat a customer with behavior that mirrors there own. The clerk is excused from waiting on that person. The would be customer must improve his attitude, serve himself, or go elsewhere".

I always waited on the worse of the bad actors because I was a part timer and didn't have to put up with them but a couple days a week. It was appreciated. It was really a challenge to me to see if I could make one of the ole farts smile.

I have notice that cold weather seems to modify the mood on our Southern Seniors, usually for the worse. Maybe that's why we who speak with a slow drawl find our Northern Brethren to be snappish and brusque when it's 95 in the shade. We in the South consider hot afternoons and opportunity to nap. Most businesses used to take Wednesday afternoon off to go fishing, or nap and get ready for Wednesday night church. Stores were open Saturday morning when the air is cooler, leaving another hot afternoon to fishing or napping.

It's 32 here this morning, a very windy 4th of March. I ain't a bit happy...supposed to be 50 degrees SOMETIME today.

Janice just pulled a bit of behavior modification. She announced she might find something inside till it warms up...like making bread. Well, that certainly puts a new spin on MY mood today. Ah, salvation is sweet. Hot bread, butter and honey. I feel better already.

How bout you, Cuz? You should be getting that 5 pounds of  Pecans soon. I know you guys can't be in a good mood, with all that cold and snow. Can spring be far behind? Apparently.Think I'd go Groundhog hunting, myself. Lying little Devil.

 Oops, I've coped an attitude again, but it's up to 36.

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