Monday, April 7, 2014



 When my kids asked why, I always gave an answer, or some lame excuse for one. Kids and teens are seeking answers. That's just what they do. They just preface the answer with a "why".

WHY is how they get an answer. It is not reciprocal. As adults we get no answer from a teen when we ask why, and very little of one when we as a child.

Mothers have the WHY answers. Some mystical, or mythical critter, akin to a cat, gave women the right stuff to deal with WHY.

Typical Mom and Kid exchange:

Mom, can I have some ice cream"?



"It's too close to supper".

" Oh, Why can't I have some before supper?"

 "You won't eat your supper, you'll be full of ice cream.

 "What's bad about that"?

"Does't matter, that's the answer".

That kid will give the same answer when they start having kids. It's a built in. Just like no swimming for 45 minutes after you eat.

Don't admonish the young for asking WHY. You waste your breath. They will find answers to most of the WHY. They will not eat supper if they eat ice cream before supper, although it'll not matter to them. They probably won't drown swimming and eating at the same time. They will tell their children they will, anyway.

We all learn the answers by trial and error, good or bad advice, good or poor judgement. They say it best  in South Georgia: "by main strength and awkwardness".

WHY will slip away to find another child to play with. I guess we "adults have all the answers. We're no fun to play with anymore.

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