Thursday, May 15, 2014


Procrastination is not a sin. It falls into the category of the human condition that can only be appreciated if you happened to inherit that particular propensity. It is not laziness. Procrastinators will eventually get it done...but in their own sweet time. You can be fired for laziness, it's harder to be dismissed for procrastination. You just have to know which battles to fight, and how to read the boss and the rule book

I inherited part of the gene. I work fine in my own custody, and not so fine under the direction of others. Especially those of the "hiway or myway" persuasion. I actually may be one of those that doesn't play well with others.

I have encountered many bouts with Procrastination. Procrastination can have it's own rewards. I'm waiting for one now. I started thinking about cleaning out my shop last November...a worthwhile winter endeavour. I can still find pretty much what I'm looking for in there, but it's getting harder. I started thinking what if I do clean it up, and then comes the Mother of all Tornadoes and blow the shop completely away. All that work for naught. Wait! I have insurance! So Procrastination does pay. I didn't clean the shop and it blows away. I get a new shop to fill up with more irrelevant junk.I'm just saying...

 It was a wise man once said. "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow"?

 I rather imagine Procrastination is a concept created by well meaning rulers, kings, educators and preachers to encourage the troops on to greater labors...or by angry wives to encourage husbands and "loved ones" to do their duty to God, Country, Walmart, and Them.

I offer the following:

“You see, I have this problem with procrastination…..well, actually I don't have a problem. We seem to get along very well “ 

This bit of wisdom comes from the great Southern Philosopher, Bob Brown of Danielsville, Ga. Bob was, is, and always will be a bean counting engineer. His meteoric rise to fame as a homespun philosopher shows he missed his calling.

I suppose retiring from a career in engineering feels like procrastination. All those facts, figures, equations and nothing to do with them. I will say he's learning to deal with it. Says a lot for moving to the country and learning how to deal with just four seasons, and not millions of beans, reports, graphs, funny symbols and Al Jabrae.

Bob and I are partnering a cantaloupe endeavor. We planted the other day and Bob had all the seeds counted out that we would need for 4  250 rows. He didn't miss it by far...and it was probably the seeder's fault. I sincerely hope I did not latently inherit that part of the Procrastination gene. I much prefer putting the seeds in the planter and letting it do the counting till I get to the end of the rows, and feeding the leftovers to the field mice... or going to the hardware to buy a few more.

May we never get it all done!


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