Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fall Line South

My daughter has engaged in offering outdoor adventures to those who want river adventures...if that makes any sense. Jessie has always been a "river rat"...a science freak, and an "in your face" riverkeeper. She and her husband Dr.Bryan Nuse (he just became a PhD. and will insist on being dignified for at least 3 months) and a couple of very qualified friends and mentors have got it going on.

Check out the website at

Sorry to miss all you Rain and Mud loving musicians at Mt. Airy (home of the Andy Griffith Show). I had some intentions of coming up to see if my guitar really will float and how deep the mud actually does get if enough people "waller" through it. My real agenda was to take one of "the girls" (1918 Gibson mandolin) to Dr. Blevins for an action adjustment. Harrol hinted at having had similar experience at Mt. Airy, and was opting out this do some work on his new digs.

You know, I've always wondered how many fiddles come apart after a week of Mt. Airy?

Jannifay and I are driving to Knoxville tomorrow to pick up the Thomas. He's just back from the Disney World brainwashing. He had a lightsaber duel with 'ole Darth hisownself.  He got a double dose at Universal Studios Harry Potter World thrown in for good measure.( I would like one of them flying brooms, though)  I'm sure we'll hear all about it for the 5 hour ride back to Dville. Looking at the photos on social media, all the pixels in the Orlando area were depleted by his visit alone.

Garlics out of the ground and looking much better than the soggy mess I got last year. Never seen such bulbs of Cuban Purple and Burgundy. Big and odiferous.. I cut back on the other varieties, just raising enough for seed stock  next year. Trying to figure out which ones to cull out. Starting to work smarter, or less.

Allegheny Echoes coming up. Time to stop farming and get playing mandolin again. Haven't played in a week...not that that really changes things with these old fingers...they do what they do. Just had a smile moment: When Jessie was born, everybody in the neighborhood had to try on a name. I tried to slip Amanda Lynn in there...and was stonewalled with frowns, thin lips and looks that kill. Hell, I've heard worse!

So, that's the news from the Hoo Boy Tick Research Laboratories, Danielsville, Ga. Our motto: A Hoo Boy Tick is a smart Tick, if your Tick smarts, it's a Hoo Boy.

Remember that, Jessie, as your intrepid adventures and adventuresses proceed down the wild rivers of Ga.for the next ten days. They are absolutely having a feast out there this year.

Have fun!Ya'll

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