Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Invisibility or Flying

This American Life had a missmash of info on "superpowers" the other night on NPR You know Superman, Spiderman stuff.

 The questions was posed:. "If you could have one superpower in your life, Instantly becoming invisible or having the power to fly, which would you choose? NPR is liberal enough to get away with asking those sorts of questions, thank the Lord.

My instant reaction was flying...my ankles are now  shot, one knee is unhappy, and my hip is sore. Then came the wait a minute moment...

Don't know about ya'll, but we all saw Walt Disney's cartoon version of Peter Pan at an early age.  Flying looked fun, but good common sense and self preservation kept me from jumping off the porch roof as one of our childhood friends did. That ended in a trip to the hospital with a broken wrist with an added bonus of no swimming for the summer.

Damn a bunch of Hollywood, anyway. Kids will probably try to swing from building to building with kite string trying to be Spiderman!

I figure that the pull of gravity was an innate sense. We have gifts to deal with it. Given a choice, I would chose water to counteract gravity. Of course that has limitations, too. I would likely have been happy as Tick Tock in Peter Pan.. I loved water as a kid and had no love for Capt. Cook. Tick Tock didn't have to do anything except follow Mother Nature's plan: float around waiting for opportunity.

I like it. Defying gravity with water. No bugs between your teeth, or in your eyes, or smacking a tree trying to text while flying.

How bout You? What would be your preference? No daydreaming while driving. Think it through.

 I'll have to say my first reaction to the question was that I like it pretty well the way things are. Flying and Invisibility both have personal responsibilities.  I don't like that word very much...never have.

But wait! I would like to be able to  play mandolin as fast as I could when I was 50. Naaah, I'd have to be 50 again.

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