Thursday, July 17, 2014

The World of Decartes

I heard this on the between bad music. Google sends busses around the Bay area to pick up employees. How elitist is that? According to those who don't get picked up by the boss and trundled to sucks and it ain't fair. It overcrowds the hills of the Bay area with Google company busses causing traffic problems for those not in the Elite niche'.

 Not only did the Supreme Court give corporations more "personal right" status recently,  but now an inanimate thing can be elitist.

I am becoming radicalized. I admit it. There is an abusive lack of understanding given my generation.
I'm fairly pissed at losing my elitist status to a bunch of youngsters that are going to have carpal tunnel syndrome by the time they are 25, fiddling with there "devices".

What the hell do they have to crow about...they don't have Elvis, Richard Nixon, Twiggy, or the all new 1955 Chevrolet. All they got is an inflated dollar, high gas prices, look alike cars that talk to you, politicians that make Richard Nixon look like a Saint, and dumb looking Supermodels.

Is there an Elitist Gene? My friend, Kirk Judd, a WV poet, dedicated his poem What an Elitist to Philosopher Rene' Descarte. Descarte wrote "I think, therefore; I am. (Punctuation is optional here. I'm too lazy to look it up.) Forget the Pharaohs, Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar. They just had high opinions of themselves...but ole Rene was the first to endow mankind with a elitist self help kit. "I think, therefore; I am".

Boy, did he ever open Pandora's Box for  "closet elitist". Anyone with the power to think could now be better than others. Everyone began trying to become Elite.The mistake Descartes made is the assumption everyone thinks...philosophy must have contradiction...for the sake of argument.

Return with me now to the Fifth Grade. It's Springtime. Everyone's got the old marble sack out, and playing marbles. The person having the most marbles a week into the "season" was a self professed Elitist. Why? Because he had won them marbles fair and square. Democratically. According to Rules. You could tell he was of the Elite by the strut, and the line of admirers, his entourage. He was the best. Period! Marble King.

However: should he lose all his marbles at recess, he would walk back to class, head down, no followers. Someone else had won all the marbles. He had lost his marbles.

There were two options open to this poor miserable 5th grade creature who had lost his marbles. The fallen elitist could try to recapture his status, or just walk away.  Should he possess the Elitist Gene, Guile, Underhanded Skill, Confederation, Rumor, Slander and Blackguard Shenanigans might get your elitist status back.

Marble season ends last day of the school year. Marble Elite status ends. You're just plain ole "what's his name", not "He Who Possesses All the Marbles".

Hey, politics, religion, and business come to mind.

Unfortunately, I don't think I got  that Descarte gene...I'm pretty content to be Ferdinand the Bull, smell the flowers, coming to life only when bee stung. Hmm, who wrote that story...a philosopher?

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  1. Dear Philosopher Pat: In all these matters it is important not to put Descartes before Dehorse...<bb