Thursday, September 18, 2014

Too Early for Fall: My Winter Predictions...

About July I started feeling the WV winter memory kick in.  Not a pleasant feeling, mind you. It's the cold to the bone that Southerners know nothing about, and hopefully will never experienced. Oh, it gets cold down here, but it doesn't dig in for weeks and months as it does "Up There".

We had a relatively cool summer down in Georgia, to my thinking. I made a couple of forays into WV during the summer, and was downright cold to me a couple times. That's one reason I spend some time up there in the summer; to get some relief from the heat. However; cold was the primary reasoning for returning to the Homeland.

I did acquire skills there that have held me in good stead through the years; wood gathering, chainsaw cussing', the joys of PVC plumbing, the need for 4 wheel drive, and mandolin playing on cold, nasty, days and nights when the world creaks and groans and shrinks up into a lifeless little the sun. Ugly.

If you own a fireplace, wood stove, and a chainsaw, I would suggest you get started on a wood pile. I got a feeling we're gonna' need a bigger pile of wood than last year. I used every stick I had last year, and had to buy some. It's cheaper and lasts longer than the alternatives:, but I do not like to buy it. It hurts my soul, and my pocketbook.

I haven't consulted the other weather pundit in town. He has never experienced winter, just a cold snap or two.

Here's my prediction:
 If you like attending cold, windy, wet football games in November, I think you'll get your wish. I ain't saying who's gonna' win. That'll be the team best prepared for cold weather, and the fans who dress for the occasion.

I hope I'm in front of a nice wood stove and a full wood shed playing a little music, as my buddy Ralph Roberts will be. Here he is portrayed in Lisa Elmaleh's Tintype in front of his woodpile. I think Ralph is 83, and he cut and piled "ever stick of it, and fought bears for it, too".

That's a cold winter prediction when you have to fight bears for firewood. Maybe Ralph and I will get a tune or two this winter He'll have to come South, though. I'm dug in for the winter, and it ain't even fall good.

Just sayin'.

Ralph Roberts, Herrold, WV
 tintype by Lisa Elmaleh
 A West Virginian at heart.

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