Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I have never been a puzzle man. Cross word puzzles, jig saw puzzles, every puzzle I ever tried to solve ended in dismal failure. When Rubik’s cube came out, I was teachng 5th grade. Every kid in class had a cube. Some of these kids could barely write there names legibly, but they could throw a whipping on some Rubik’s Cube. I figured out if you took the color tape off and stuck it to the right color you had a 100% success rate. I was accused of cheating and "sent to the office", by my students.

I am spatially challenged, whatever phobia that’s called. I have trouble figuring out how things go together. That's why I have two 54 Chevy  trucks. If you can't figure it out, go look at the other one. I eventually figured out that all mechanical functions are basically the same, so I took a generic approach to rebuilding a carbuerator, and it seems to work in my technological world.

I was always good at picking out the hidden things in pictures, and I could put together a wooden Donald Duck puzzle in Kindergarten, with help from my friends. My own kids used to have a little ball with 3 D puzzles pieces of geometric shapes that you had to put back through the appropriate slot. They could nail it after two or three days in less time than I could.

I am now seeing many of my aging friends become puzzle people. First thing they do is get a cup of coffee and go to work on the puzzles. I hate to think that the first thing I have to look forward to when I wake up is try to master Soduku, or what ever that damn number thing is. I’m thinking self meditation/self medication with coffee, in front of a nice outdoor view is more satifying than any crossword puzzle.

I’m guess I'm  not ready for old age yet....

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  1. One of the exciting things in my past dealings with carburetors is that after disassembly, replacement of bad parts, and rebuilding - the carburetor and associated engine worked just grand - but I had parts left over (beyond those that were replaced) Happened more than once :-) <bb