Monday, November 28, 2011

Olaf Volvo would be proud

It's running! The 71 Volvo 145S Estate Wagon is "on the road, again". I took it up the Rock Quarry Road for a test spin and it runs just fine. Idles a little rough, but that could be timing, or points and bad gas.

That new gasohol gas they got, sucks, and according to some of my "buddies", so does my Volvo. "Why not put a V-8 in the '54 Chevy truck, and junk that Volvo," they say.To each his own.

The Weber is a vast improvement over the two worn out SU Carburetors, God love 'em.  Olaf Volvo put together a great engine, but he didn't take into account you couldn't wear em out; they would long out live the SU Carbs.

I have the original Volvo issued medal on the dashboard from when it turned it's first 100,000...the carbs were trash then, and add another 70,000 and they are hopelessly worn out.  Hope to get another 200,000 out of it with the new Weber system.

Opps, I spoke too soon! The starter bendix spring is growling and the fan belt just started squealing. Minor set backs. I'll get the rear windshield wiper motor out and get it running, and the rear window defrost. Never think about those things in the Georgia summer.

The Volvo occupies my time, keeps me out of the bars, and off the streets.

Brother Dave Gardner, a well know Southern Comedian back in the 60's and 70's, once said of teen age boys. "If they  was thinking about what the old folks and their Mama and Daddy's  thought they was thinking about all the time, they wouldn't be spending so much time on them hot rod engines".

Janice is quick to point out that the *%^# car keeps me out of the pottery shop, too. That starter will have to wait!

Be there in a minute!

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  1. Yay! I can't wait to borrow it and look really cool!